J.E. Hopkins
Award-Winning Romance Author

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Forever My Francesca
Forever My Francesca
a sequel to For the Love of Alex

He's everything she shouldn’t want, yet her body knows that he's everything she needs. Grant Deverson has haunted Francesca's dreams since that first moment she saw him months ago. No matter how hard she fights her desire, her resistance wanes as that unabashed charmer slowly awakens her dormant heart. For she had sacrificed her heart years ago in exchange for a life of money, security and the promise that the dark days of poverty she had survived as a child would remain a part of her miserable past. Now, temptation in the form of the beguiling Grant is luring her into giving up her prestigious life as Mrs. David Rhodes in order to become Grant Deverson's lover.


For the Love of Alex

I have never taken an illegal drug in my life yet drugs have taken away so much of my life. They have left me raw and alone. They’ve broken my heart, crushed my spirit, seized my light and blinded me with darkness. Drugs have left me in pieces that no longer fit together.

This is what it feels like to love an addict. This is what is feels like when an addict loves his drugs more than you.

For all her life, Leah Rhodes has loved Alex Briggs. She gave her heart and soul to him when she was three-years-old and for the last eighteen years that love has grown into a seemingly unbreakable bond between soul mates. Now that love is threatened by a cruel and destructive force determined to destroy Alex and the happiness he desperately craves—the white powder, heroin. Alex’s addiction has left him a shell of the man he used to be. Leah is determined to save her love from his addiction before heroin destroys them both.