J.E. Hopkins
Award-Winning Romance Author

First Review -You Gotta Read Reviews 3/30/2011

Rating: You Gotta Read !!!!!!!!!

Reviewed By: Wendy Mitchell


Olivia was born a slave to the most influential vampire family in the world. Lucian Santoro was the heir apparent to his father's seat on the Council, but none of that mattered. Olivia and Lucian knew they were destined to be mated for all eternity. If only life were fair. Ripped apart by deceit and conspiracies, can anything bring these two together again?

This is why I read sooooo many books. So that I can find that one shining example of what a GREAT romance should be. I can't begin to express how absolutely enthralled I am of this new series. I want to have an affair with this book. It had everything. Compelling characters, great storylines, some of the best humor ever, off the charts sex, and the emotions it pulls from the reader, OMG, I had to grab a box of Kleenex to keep beside me.

It tackled extremely relevant issues without being at all preachy. It was very up to date and modern. I have read, perhaps thousands of books, from authors on best seller lists that did not come close to the sheer genius of this work. What impressed me the most, if I could pick one thing, is the realistic actions of the characters. Whether paranormal or human, I could envision people reacting exactly as the characters did in this book. That's the key, everything was so natural. This author's vision for her world is spot on.

The characterization in this novel is unparalleled. I fell in love with every new character introduced. I was already anticipating their books. The pairings and options were mind boggling, but oh so tantalizing. There was not one detail this author missed in crafting such a superb tale.

Whether or not you are a fan of paranormal romance, this book transcends all categories. This is a MUST read for any fan of terrific writing. I personally cannot wait for the next book in this series, and it definitely will go on my favorite and multiple rereads shelf. 



Second Review - Amazon 3/22/2011

I could not put it down
This book was really captivating. I love that it showed its female lead as being strong enough to get things done but also showed her inner turmoil and struggle. It really made me identify with Olivia. I really can not wait to see what happens between some of the characters. This book really invokes emotion so be prepared to put lots of time into it at once! I am adding this author to my must read list and will be looking for more books penned by J.E Hopkins.
- Susan Krysztoforski

Third Review - Amazon 3/21/2011

A Great Start to a New Series

Olivia has a shattering past, and it's a wonder she's held herself together this long. Even vampires have problems, and with the old-fashioned castes of serfs and elites in the vampire world, her peasant's love for rich-boy Lucian can never come to be even though he loves her just as deeply. Olivia's parents sell her to a horrible man as his new bride, and she is forced to go with him - breaking Lucian's heart and leaving him feeling betrayed.

Now it is 175 years later. Olivia feels that she has messed up everything in her life, including her relationships with (and between) her two sons, and she is ready to give up. She gets a call from Julian, her younger son, asking for her help to reign in Kaden, her older (and definitely bad-boy) son. She immediately hops a flight to New York with the hope of bringing her two sons back together as her last redeeming act on earth.

Things quickly devolve though, as Olivia discovers that Kaden is suspected of multiple grisly murders. The Vampire Council wants Kaden punished - and the new leader of the Council is none other than her childhood love, Lucian. Can she convince Lucian that her son is innocent? Can she patch up the misunderstandings and jealousy between her sons? Can she make Lucian understand that her betrayal was out of her control?

Most importantly, can she do all of this before her body succumbs to the medicine she's been taking to poison herself and finally release everyone from (what she perceives to be) the guilty bonds they have tying themselves to her?
Lover's Betrayal is a great start to a new paranormal romance series. We're introduced to author J.E. Hopkins' world, where vampires, werewolves, and other supernaturals still live in secret. The cast of characters is large, but each character stays unique and we interact with them enough to get a good sense of who they are and what drives them. The sex scenes are hot (this is definitely an ADULT book) and the flirting is funny and entertaining. Some obvious "future" pairings between characters have their foundation laid out in this book, and you'll be looking forward to seeing these couples get together in future books. (Hopefully!)

Unlike the paranormal romance trend as of late to pair up powerful vampires with humans, Hopkins looks to be focusing her efforts on exploring the relationships between supernaturals. It's a refreshing change. Lover's Betrayal doesn't get bogged down with a lot of world-building, either; since the book is set in today's world we're able to get right into the meat of the story.

Definitely one to put on your to-read list if you're into vampires, werewolves, faeries, half-breeds, paranormal romance, and steamy hot sex scenes.
Carrie Bartkowiak

Fourth Review - Genre Go Round Reviews 4/3/2011

In Sorrento, Italy Olivia was the daughter of a servant working for the Santoro family. Lucian was heir apparent to the Santoro wealth as he would one day replace his father as the Chief Magistrate of vampire clan disputes. When they fell in love almost two hundred years ago, he chose his vampiric destiny over her. Olivia was forced to marry Daughton Gaspard. They had two sons (Kaden and Julian) who have long left the nest, but he was cruel to his wife until he was murdered five years ago. His killer was never found but deep in her heart she knows who he is. Now after decades of loneliness, Olivia is ending her torment with poison so everyone she loves can be free of her.

Julian calls his mom over his concern that his older brother is out of control. Olivia flies to New York praying she can obtain redemption before her suicide by reuniting her estranged sons. She learns the powerful Vampire Council led by Lucian believes Kaden is a serial killer and demands his execution. Lucian loathes Olivia as he believes she betrayed him, but admires her courage she did not have during their time together, as Olivia defies the Vampire Council and its chief to investigate the horrific murders.

The first Misfits of the Lore tale is an exciting second chance at love urban fantasy starring a beaten down female trying her best to do the right thing for her loved ones including killing herself. Lucian is torn between his rage at his "mate's" betrayal and his love for her as he distrusts Olivia; obstinately refusing to understand what really occurred. Readers will relish this superb tale in which the paranormal reside amidst the normal but conceal their inner essence.

- Harriet Klausner

Fifth Review - Reader Views 5/2011 

Well, this book was a bit of a surprise. There are plenty of vampire books out there these days and most of them are rehashing books that are not even that well written to begin with. So, if you are looking to find one of those books, then this isn't that type of book. The characters in this book were fresh and original. The book is a love story, a mystery and has the science fiction element all rolled into one. There are some mature elements and some surprises in the middle of the book that you wouldn't expect. In fact, I liked the middle of the book more than the ending.

"Lover's Betrayal" not only tells the story between lovers but also of a mother's love. All of the characters were very well developed and it was fun to read.

-Tracey Rock


Sixth Review - Rambles.Net 5/7/2011

An author has delivered an excellent body of work when readers can actually visualize and relate to the characters in their novel. J.E. Hopkins achieved that in Lover's Betrayal. The novel is an exciting, descriptive, interesting story about the highs and lows in the lives of vampires and misfits. The plot is strong and certainly unpredictable.

This book is really great and very intriguing. To reveal more of the plot would only take away the enjoyment and suspense the reader has to look forward to. By all means, indulge yourself in this one.

-Renee Harmon